Live Streaming DJ Technology and Performance

This ELO invites students to learn how to DJ, with the aim of forming a tight-knit team to organize a regular series of interactive online musical performances for the global MIT community. Interested students will be encouraged to push the envelope of current practices, such as developing new software or hardware, coming up with new methods of audience interaction, and bringing together different genres of music.

Contact if you’re interested! No prior experience is necessary, but students must have a sustained interest in some form of popular dance music, broadly defined.

  • Students may choose to practice DJ skills for performances, discuss historical and contemporary dance cultures, assemble equipment for live streaming, or develop software for audience interaction.
  • All students in this ELO will study the craft and technologies of the modern DJ. Students will also learn how to operate equipment for DJing and livestreaming.
  • Students will take charge organizing and running multiple online events for the MIT community.
  • Students will summarize their portfolio on a website for the ELO group and may create a public DJ profile.
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